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Why Choose Torquay Waste Management?

Torquay Waste Management supports segregation at source to assist with the reuse, recycle recovery of materials in the waste. This follows the Government Waste Hierarchy. However, we appreciate there are occasions your waste will be mixed streams and you won’t have the opportunity to separate this waste at source. Torquay Waste Management will gather your General Waste, once taken to one of our three Waste Transfer Stations; the waste will be treated and processed at our MRF (Material Recovery Facility). The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and picking reusable materials from the waste will maximise the number of waste being diverted from Landfill.

Segregation of waste at source will significantly reduce volume of waste going to landfill. The related savings of energy, price, and carbon foot print are necessary for a sustainable future of our surroundings.

Torquay Waste Management believes Dry Combined Recycling (DMR) is a simple and economical alternative for business customers. It is the rational step towards recycling, fulfilling compliance and improving environmental performance to optimise their contribution to a sustainable world.

All our containers may be utilised for the collection of General and Dry Mixed Recycle Waste.

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