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Our goal is to assist businesses in navigating the waste future. Our waste management services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide cost-effective waste management services to businesses of all sizes. Working together, we can alter the waste landscape of the future. We will attain a better, cleaner planet to live in if we work together. To get your free quote that is customised to your needs, call us on 01803 640 260. 

Every item of cardboard or paper waste has an impact. Every pound of waste removed from landfills contributes to a cleaner environment. Each of us must alter our personal waste management practices. We all know that significant transformations begin with modest steps. Get a free waste audit from Torquay Waste today. Simply call us on 01803 640 260.

What is Cardboard Waste Recycling?

Cardboard waste recycling is how we recycle cardboard waste into more usable cardboard or paper materials. There is substantial confusion as to which types of cardboard can be recycled. Thankfully, unlike some other goods, recycling cardboard is rather simple. It’s entirely recyclable. It’s a high-quality product that can be recycled several times. Because the fiber has already been treated, recycling bins reduce processing pollution by 95%. 

The fibres that hold corrugated cardboard together get a little shorter with each recycling. As a result, each time we recycle cardboard, it becomes slightly thinner. When the fibres become too thin to make sturdy corrugated cardboard, they are used to make paperboard, which is another type of cardboard. Cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, and pop packages are all made of paperboard or chipboard. We can provide you with custom cardboard waste management solutions. We work with all types of businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Our goal is to remove as much recyclable waste as possible from going into landfills. Our goal is to reduce the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills. 

Cardboard Waste Recycling Process

Recycling has never been more efficient than with our system. Recycling is much more than what we do. Non-recyclable and hazardous materials are disposed of in a responsible manner. There is no one size fits all when it comes to waste. In every case, we attempt to find long-term solutions to waste. 

Your cardboard and paperboard should be placed in your recycle bin as long as it is clean and dry. Wet or oily cardboard, such as pizza boxes or fast food boxes, is a contaminant that should be thrown away. Wet or infected objects can clog sorting machines and taint otherwise good, clean material. Remove any plastic packing or bags from your boxes to get the most out of your curbside program. Flattening your boxes to make more space in your container for other recyclables is a good idea.

It’s as easy as it gets when it comes to recycling cardboard. When you keep to the principles of recycling, curbside recycling programs have a bright future for future generations.

Cardboard Waste Recycling Process

To recycle cardboard, the cardboard must be segregated and sent to a recycling facility. Compressing cardboard into huge bales is done by cardboard baling machines. Raw materials that are unbalanced are then transferred to paper mills. Water is then added to the cardboard to create greywater and cardboard pulp. In the next step, contaminants and contamination are removed from the substance using filters. Clean cardboard fiber pulp is combined with water and then squeezed into noodles. A paper-making machine takes the cardboard and makes paper from it. The machine removes water from the paste, allowing it to dry and become long pieces of paper.

Afterwards, the sheets of paper are rolled onto a huge spool weighing 6.5 tons. You can use these spools for building cardboard boxes and anything else made of cardboard.

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