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Commercial Waste Management Paignton

On the coast of Tor Bay, in Devon, England, there is a village called Paignton. The town is part of the Torbay borough, established in 1998, which encompasses Torquay and Brixham. This town is a popular holiday destination in the Torbay borough. According to the 2011 United Kingdom Census, Paignton had a population of 49,021 people. This town is the fourth-largest in Devon. It is roughly twenty miles north of Plymouth and thirty miles south of Exeter. Prior to the Paignton Harbour Act of 1837, which resulted in the creation of a new harbour, Paignton was a small fishing and farming village. Paignton’s economy has become heavily reliant on tourism, and the town is marketed as a family vacation destination.

Its long stretch of magnificent and easily accessible beachfront, its picturesque promenade, its traditional pier, and its colorful beach huts makes Paignton an attractive spot for tourists. Therefore this makes this small town of Paignton, with its nearby seafront and town centre, an ideal location for a relaxing and fun getaway. With its award-winning restaurants, bars, and cafes, many of which offer spectacular sea views, Paignton thrives economically. And with economical activity, comes the burden of inevitable waste creation. Which is why at Torquay Waste Management, we take it upon ourselves to manage waste born from economical activities. By choosing us as your preferred waste management provider, you’ll be able to effectively manage your company’s waste, from food waste, plastic waste, to electronics and paper waste. To learn more about our commercial waste management services, call us on 01803 640 260.

Commercial Waste Collection Paignton

The first step in finding an effective waste management solution for your organization is to make sure that your facilities have adequate garbage bins to hold your waste until it is collected. Waste may appear to be an ordinary by-product of everyday living, but it is vital to manage it as if life depended on it, which it does. We will assist you in determining the right amount of waste bins for your business. We are a reputable waste collection and disposal company in and and around Torquay and that includes Paignton. We offer our collection services to all and any business in Paignton, from Roundham car park to Hollicombe Beach, the Pier or The Boathouse.

We can collect the waste around your own schedule. You can choose a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-demand collection. We do not have any standard waste collection services because we give our customers the choice to choose their own waste collection schedule.

Commercial Waste Disposal Paignton

Below are the type of waste that we collect and dispose of:

Plastic waste – This includes bags, containers, jars, bottles, and a variety of other items. Plastic is not biodegradable, however it can be recycled in numerous forms numerous times. 

Paper/cardboard waste – Packaging materials, newspapers, office stationery, cardboards, and other typical office supplies are all examples of paper/card waste. Paper is readily recycled and reused, so make sure to keep it dry and free of oil to increase its chances of being recycled.

Organic waste/food waste – The term organic waste refers to all food waste, garden waste, manure, and rotten meat. Under the right circumstances, manure is formed when microorganisms break down organic waste.

Hazardous waste – refers to any waste that is combustible, toxic, corrosive, or reactive.

These objects are hazardous to both you and the environment and must be properly disposed of. As a result, I propose that you hire a waste removal business to dispose of all hazardous material properly.

Please note, we unfortunately do not offer our services to households. However, they can take their waste to:

Torbay Household Waste Recycling Centre

Tor Park Rd, 



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