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Plastic Waste Recycling Torquay

Our company provides top-of-the-line plastic waste management to businesses. There are few materials that pollute the earth more than plastic. As an environmentally friendly plastic waste management company, we strive to manage your plastic waste effectively, efficiently, and effectively. Mechanical and chemical recycling, when combined, can boost overall recycling rates and help move plastics closer to a circular economy. Torquay Waste can provide your company with affordable and sustainable plastic waste recycling methods. You can call us on 01803 640 260.

We’ll provide you with free bins with freebin delivery. Your company doesn’t have to be large or small, nor does it have to generate a lot of waste to qualify for our plastic waste recycling services. Providing assistance to clients with any and all of their plastic waste disposal needs is our priority. We will prevent your plastic waste from ending up in landfills or the ocean, which is a leading cause of ocean pollution.

Defining Plastic Waste

With the increased use of plastics, the amount of plastic waste produced subsequently increases. Using plastic waste for energy or material recovery is the only viable solution to resolve this issue, which corresponds to sustainable development’s guiding principles. Plastic pollution, also known as plastic waste, is defined as “the buildup of plastic objects (such as plastic bottles and other items) in the Earth’s environment that has a negative impact on animals, wildlife habitat, and humans.”

Plastic is used in so much of what we eat (such as bottles and food containers) because it is affordable and long-lasting. However, due to its chemical makeup, plastic degrades slowly (around 400 years or more), posing a significant difficulty when it comes to the environment. This is also why at Torquay Waste we advocate for plastic recycling. 

Plastic Waste Recycling Torquay

Plastic can be recycled using two methods namely, chemical plastic waste recycling and mechanical plastic waste. Chemical waste recycling focuses on other types of plastic materials that can not be recycled mechanically and these are usually plastic that are contaminated, mixed plastic waste fractions made up of various plastic types that will not be sorted further, as well as old tires that will not be recycled otherwise. Chemical recycling is a vital component of the recycling process. It is not always possible to redesign plastic products to make them mechanically recyclable, for example, if doing so would reduce performance or increase material usage.

We can conserve fossil fuels via recycling. Furthermore, according to a mass balance method, products created using chemically recycled plastics emit fewer greenhouse emissions than those made with primary fossil resources. This is due to the fact that instead of being burnt, plastic waste is used to manufacture new chemical products.

Mechanical Recycling Torquay

The transformation of plastic waste into secondary raw material or products without significantly affecting the chemical structure of the material is referred to as mechanical recycling of plastics. All varieties of thermoplastics can theoretically be mechanically recycled with little or no quality loss. Most plastics are separated according to their resin type before being recycled. 

Plastic recyclables are shredded after sorting for mechanical recycling. Impurities such as paper labels are subsequently removed from the shredded particles. This substance is melted and frequently extruded into pellets, which are then utilised to make other items.

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