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Torquay Chlorinated Solvent Disposal

Torquay Waste Management are specialists in the collection, disposal and recycling of all types of chlorinated solvents.

We supply a UK national collection, disposal and recycling service for chlorinated solvents every year for businesses across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Torquay Waste Management prefer to use recycling routes over landfill. Therefore, along with our company associates, we use recycling courses where possible to deal with this particular kind of waste. Our disposal and recycling service complies with the hazardous waste regulations 2005.

Chlorinated Solvents are classed as hazardous waste and should be segregated from your general waste stream for specialist disposal. local waste management are able to give a recycling service for several different kinds of chlorinated solvents, this consists of methylene chloride (dichloromethane) and trichloroethylene. Once we’ve accumulated your waste chlorinated solvents, they may be taken into a completely licenced transfer station where they can be analysed for solvents and the level of pollution. In the event the wastes are single solvents and just lightly contaminated they’ll be sent into a solvent reclamation plant which will redistill them back to clean products. In the event the solvents are amalgamated and heavily contaminated they’ll be sent for high temperature incineration.

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