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We as a company believe that not only are we moving in the proper course in having the capacity to provide an even better waste management service to our existing customers and new ones as time goes on, but we are also leading to helping the environment. If one recycled tin can is able to save enough energy to power a television for three hours our MRF will play a huge part later on of recycling and saving our planet.

General Waste is a categorization that is used when there’s mixed forms of waste that have not been segregated or sorted. The statistics related to the creation of Commercial, Building, Industrial and Residential waste is frightening and still needs serious management to ensure there’s a sustainable environment for future generations.

To help your organisation minimise waste and maximise cost savings, website waste management audits are perfect for getting a full comprehension of the present situation, waste volume and type. From the information gathered, local waste management can then plan the most productive way of separating, collecting and processing all your waste. Tailored to suit you and your organisation, rest assured that you’re systems will probably be completely compliant with current waste laws.

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